”The Cossack Rode Beyond the Danube” (official studio video)

Svaja Vatra’s new single and video “The Cossack Rode Beyond the Danube” (ENG) is the first piece from the upcoming album called “Changes”. The song also gives the first taste of the direction where the new album is heading.The single “The Cossack Rode Beyond the Danube” is one of the most well known Ukranian traditional song of all time. Новий кліп гурту Svjata Vatra ”Jihav Kozak Za Dunaj”

Even after 300 years the song has remained very close to heart to Ukranian national heritage.The song is about an ancient story. Cossack is on it’s way to war. He leaves his long loved wife at home in tears. Cossack’s mission in war is actually not about the battle itself. It’s about making a better and brighter future to his family and the one he loves. The belief in love is the reason what brings him back home safely.The same piece has inspired many well known composers through different times. One of the best examples is Ludwig van  Beethoven’s “Schöne Minka”. Estonians who lived in Siberia brought back similar song called “Kallimale” (EST) “To Dearest” (ING) . Svjata Vatra’s 6th studio album “Changes” is moving towards positive changes in life by calling them to life. Svjata’s video “Jihav kozak za dunaj” (UKR) is the band’s first official studio video. The video’s main idea is to show the making progress of a cohesive band. The four members of the band have but their creativity together to make a powerful song and power is all that Svjata Vatra is all about.

Recording/Mix: Silver Lepaste, Clockwork Stuudio, Estonia.
Mastering: Minerva Pappi, Waudio Mastering, Finland.
Video: Henri Killõ
Producer: Svjata Vatra
Big thanks to Estonian Authors Society