Svjata Vatra’s new video “Letila Zozulja” was filmed on the frozen lake Viljandi, Estonia!

Spring equinox is the perfect time for Svjata Vatra to release a winter fairytale: on a cold day in february with frosty trees fringing the deeply frozen lake, the band filmed a truly nordic music video.

The idea has it’s roots in the picturesque view to the beautiful lake Viljandi that the band’s singer Ruslan is lucky enough to behold every day from his home window.
It took just two days and a bit of social media magic to gather a video team and when the third day dawned, all the mist that had clouded the skies for weeks faded away to reveal the most beautiful day of the winter… And an aeroplane may have just so happened to land onto the ice… And Ruslan ended up swimming in an icepit to cool down that hot Ukrainian blood of his a bit…
The song, being polyphonic by nature, inspired the musicians to fuse folk, rock, funk and indie and use ukrainian clay ocarina (called “zozulja”) together with a jews harp. The timeless traditional song tells a metaphorical story of a complicated love triangle that needs to be solved so that the kids would not be left without love and care and everyones life could continue in a dignified way.
Director: Erik Norkroos
Video team: Karl Erik Heinsoo, Andreas Martin Reili, Ako Lehemets, Marko Drõgin, Kevin Kohjus
Recording engineer: Alo Jaanivald
Mix and master: Keijo Koppel – Roundsound Studio
Producer: Svjata Vatra