Svjata Vatra – How to grow freedom

SVJATA VATRA unique CD cover of CD Vabadus Svoboda Freedom – How to grow freedom!

Idea: Terje Trochynskyi & Ruslan Trochynskyi
Director: Erik Norkroos
Music: Svjata Vatra – Letila Zozulia
Producer: Svjata Vatra

CD “Vabadus” with limited edition hand crafted seed paper cover!
We’re going to let you in on a little secret now, cause we’re too proud about it to keep it to ourselves… The thing is that we’ve developed quite a special cover for the first limited edition of the album. A part of the CD cover is made of seed paper, it’s possible to easily separate that part of the cover, plant it in the soil and witness the growth of real, beatiful flowers that represent Estonian and Ukrainian national colours!!!
All these CD covers are going to be hand crafted from the beginning to the end in the workshops of Tallinna Paberikoda.


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