SVJATA VATRA ”Hobusemäng / The Horse Game ” (official video)

Wolves attempts to catch a horse have been caught on camera by Svjata Vatra!

SVJATA VATRA ”Hobusemäng / The Horse Game ” (official video)

Svjata Vatra’s new video “Hobusemäng” is a sequel to the Viljandi lake series started by “Zozulja” in winter 2017.
Early one autumn morning, when fog is rising from the lake, a dream-like story is rolling – a story of looking for a partner… and possibly finding one.

“Hobusemäng” is a well known Estonian young people’s singing game, where a young man is challenged to find and catch the right girl. Svjata Vatra’s pipes and trombone have actually been heard playing this song earlier – in 2010, when it was performed during the Sail-Shadow Theatre project on the ship Emajõe lodi. Now, seven years later and with a new line-up, the piece was completely reborn and got released as a radio single.
Svjata Vatra has been making music in its own passionate and committed way for 12 years, released 5 CD-s and one DVD.

Director: Kristo Viiding

Video team: Karl Erik Heinsoo, Andreas Martin Reili, Ako Lehemets, Martin Kosseson

Recording engineer: Kevin Kangur

Mix and master: Keijo Koppel – RoundSound Stuudio

Actors: Margus Christopher Kalda, Laura Pakasaar, Gabriella Bakhoff, Rute Trochynskyi, Kadri Skudra Kalda, Kadri Kabanen, Kärt Kurvits, Liis Künnapas, Mari-Liis Martin, Liis Konsap

Producer: Svjata Vatra