Estonia sings a song for Ukraine-charity concerts Support to Ukraine!

Folk music charity concert


Heategevus tuur!!!

First, on October 19 there will be an Estonian-Ukrainian Folk Night charity concert at Endla Theatre in Pärnu, Estonia, conducted by Museum of New Art and supported by, amidst others, by City Council of Pärnu and Estonian Public Broadcasting. Performers list Svjata Vatra, Kukerpillid, Kihnu Virve ja  children instrumental ensemble Kihnu Pillilapsed. Revenues of this event will be used to buy lifesaving equipment for Ukrainian fighters. Further details can be obtained on the event’s

Eurovision finalists, pop and folk bands to hold charity concert

Then, on October 21 a charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“ is staged at Nordea Concert House in Tallinn by NGO Vaba Ukraina/Free Ukraine, raising funds to buy medical supplies for people suffering in Ukrainian conflict. Contributing artists include Grandmasters of Estonia’s pop music Tõnis Mägi and Ivo Linna (Eurovision Song Contest 1996), Lenna Kuurmaa (ex-Vanilla Ninja, Eurovision 2005) Birgit Õigemeel (Eurovision 2013), Sandra Nurmsalu (ex-Urban Symphony, Eurovision 2009), Ott Lepland (Eurovision 2012), InBoil, Karl Erik Taukar, Rasmus Rändvee, ensembles Svjata Vatra and Elephants from Neptune, Ukrainian folk rock group Haydamaky, Defence Forces Orchestra and Estonian-Ukrainian choir „Ukraina.“ For additional information see the event’s website.

In addition to the above Estonia’s Women’s Home Defence organization has launced a campaign for it’s members to knit warm cotton socks for Ukraine’s fighters and war refugees. As a rule all the socks have to be hand knitted to pass on the warmth of hands and hearths of Estonian women.

Even if you can’t attend these events, you can still support the cause to help Ukraine by donating money to NGO Free Ukraine (Bank name: Swedbank; Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia; Account holder: MITTETULUNDUSÜHING VABA UKRAINA (NGO Free Ukraine); IBAN: EE042200221060257931; SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X) or to corresponding relief organizations in your country. Every bit counts and perhaps a simple roll of bandage bought for your donation will save someone’s life. Lest not forget: evil only can prevail when good men do nothing.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine continues. We, the peoples of the world can not stand by. Let’s bring the victory closer, together!


Bonus: video  of the Estonian-Ukrainian band Svjata Vatra, one of the performers at the upcoming events. Live at Viljandi Folk Music Festival 26.07.2014 first at Kaevumägi, Estonia:

 19. oktoobril kell 18.00 Pärnu ENDLA teatris! Uue Kunsti Muuseum korraldab heategevuskontserdi EESTI-UKRAINA FOLGIÕHTU,SVJATA VATRA, KUKERPILLID, KIHNU VIRVE, KIHNU PILLILAPSED.

Piletid 6 eurot teatri kassast ja Piletimaailmast.
Koostöös MTÜ Vaba Ukrainaga avame ka annetustelefonid (13.okt.2014).

teisipäeval, 21. oktoobril 2014 kell 21:30  Nordea Kontserdimaja, Tallinn

Haydamaky (UKR), Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna, Sandra Nurmsalu, Lenna Kuurmaa, Birgit Õigemeel, Ott Lepland, InBoil, Rasmus Rändvee, Karl-Erik Taukar, Elephants From Neptune, Svjata Vatra, Koor “Ukraina”, Kaitseväe orkester

Heategevuskontsert Eestist Ukrainale

MTÜ Vaba Ukraina on algatanud heategevuskampaania Eestist Ukrainale, millega kogutakse raha Ukraina konfliktis kannatanutele esmaabivahendite saatmiseks.
Oma panuse kampaaniasse annavad ka Eesti muusikud Tõnis Mägi, Ivo Linna, Lenna Kuurmaa, Birgit Õigemeel, Sandra Nurmsalu, Ott Lepland, InBoil, Karl Erik Taukar, Rasmus Rändvee, ansamblid Svjata Vatra ja Elephants from Neptune ning Kaitseväe orkester. Nendega ühinevad estoukrainlaste koor Ukraina ja Ukraina folkrock ansambel Haydamaky.

Koos esinetakse 21. oktoobril kell 21.30 Nordea Kontserdimajas.
Kontserdi kannab üle ETV, avatud on annetustelefonid.
Toetame koos Eesti muusikutega Ukrainat!

Helista numbritel:
900 7701, annetad 5€
900 7702, annetad 10€
900 7703, annetad 20€
Nii aitad osta Ukraina võitlejatele elupäästevahendeid.
NB! Annetustelefonid avanevad 13. oktoobril!


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