Svjata Vatra’s 6th studio album “Changes” is moving towards positive changes in life by calling them to life!

Svjata Vatra has released a new CD “Muutused/Zminy” (Changes ENG).
The bands sixth record is literally riding the winds of change – Svjata Vatra  joined
forces with German record label Nordic Notes! In co-operation with the head of
the label Christian Pliefke, Svjata Vatra’s fiery souls are taking the world by storm
with our Estonian-Ukrainian Cossack-Viking energy!
Furthermore – while preparing the material for the CD earlier this year, Svjata
Vatra found time to visit the USA for the first time for an important showcase Folk
Alliance International in Kansas City. And at the time of recording the material,
the bands first in-studio music video was recorded. 
The presentation tour of the new record began on The European Independent Film
Festival in Paris, France, continues in Estonia and Riga, Latvia. In June Svjata
Vatra will be seen in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and after that on numerous summer