Svjata Vatra has released a brand new CD „World, You Are Changing“

2020 is a special year for Svjata Vatra – this new CD is celebrating 15 years of friendship between Estonian and Ukrainian musicians.

These 15 intensive years include 7 CD-s, a DVD, a musical documentary movie „Püha Tuli“ and of course all the brilliant musicians who’ve been performing with the band in more than 20 countries all over the world.

20. of march is the day when Svjata Vatra is presenting their newest CD „World, You Are Changing“, recorded by 3 generations of musicians from 3 countries – to point out, that the most imporant qualities of life are carried over from generation to generation, but musicians have always been collaborating over the cultural borders.

So the band has been joined by Rute Trochynskyi (daughter of lead singer Ruslan) and a choir called Žurba an ensemble formed by Estonian-Ukrainian grandmas

Rute has been risen together with the band and has been singing together with her father since she first started to sing along to the lullabys. She’s been a frequent guest to the band’s performances since she was 5 years old. 

Ensemble Žurba has been singing away in Tallinn for almost 3 decades, performing on events and festivals both in Estonia and abroad.

Svjata Vatra is also very happy to present our friend Radik Tyulyush on this CD – with his mighty Tuvan throat singing he’s so well known for from the groups Huun Huur Tu and Chalama Project.

We’re all just good friends and share the dedication to keep our traditions going and to share it with everyone who’s in the right place at the right time. 

The record has been supported by Estonian Integration Foundation, greatest thakns to Viktoria Melnik.

CD “ World, You Are Changing ” 

Ansambel Svjata Vatra: Ruslan Trochynskyi, Juhan Suits, Karl-Heinrich Arro, Robin Mäetalu, Ats Tani.

Guests: Rute Trochynskyi, the Ukrainian quire „Žurba“, Tuvan thorat singer Radik Tyulyush.

Recorded by Frank Reisner Studio89

Master Rauno Avel Studio89

Physical form of the CD designed by Asko Künnap

Photography: Jelena Rudi 


At the point when the song „World, you’re changing“ was written no one could have thought, how prophetic it would end up to be.

It may seem just a while since the summer of 2019, when the plans for the recording were first discussed to the release of the CD on the 20. of march, 2020 – but the whole world has been tangled in unprecedented global changes, which have rocked the musical world at least as much as the rest of it.

 We may be grounded for a while, but we’re not going anywhere and we’re looking forward to the first chance to announce physical concerts both home and accross the world.

Untli then – just enjoy music. Feel free to support us – our records and goods qualify plenty good enough for ourselves and our friends.. 😉 

But your support is really most appreciated in the dark days we as musicians are encountering.