Tallinn Music Week – 2010

On 27. of march at 10.30.PM Svjata Vatra performs in the theatre NO99.

It’s the2-nd year of TMW for SV, last years performance brought us invitations to the FelSziget festival in Romania and Eurosonic in the Netherlands.

We ran an interesting and unique promotion project for the Eurosonic show case festival – brought a viking boat from Estonia to the middle of the festival and invited the delegates to Svjata Vatra live show from the boat, with hot honey- beer and video material about the band projected on the sail.  On the main show at the Grand Theatre of Groningen it was a full house and super feedback!

Svjata Vatra got invited to the Positivus Festival in Latvia and Sunsation festival in the Netherlands straight after the show.

The hottest of the news: Organizers of Eurosonic picked 16 of the best bands, Svjata Vatra obviously being one of them 😉 , whose songs are going to compete in Spanish Radio 3 RNE from the 22. of march to the 5. of april.

The spanish radio audience will vote and choose 3 favorites, which are then invited to the European Music Festival Day in Spain http://www.music2day.es/ddm/.

Vote for Svjata Vatra!!!

At the moment:

16.-19. of march – Svjata Vatra recorded the material for a new album. The compilation album is expected to be released in may 2010, it will include a CD with the full new sound of SV and a DVD with some of our biggest festivals of 2009 in live and two videos.

A documentary movie – Svjata Vatra is working on a documentary about theexpedition to Romania and Ukrainian Carpathians in 2009. We hope to get it released in summer 2010.


This spring and summer we will have concerts and festivals in Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, on the viking boats Baltic sea tour 28.06.-15.07. et cetera.

On 5. of november Svjata Vatra will perform at the London International Festival
of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) http://www.lifem.org.uk/