Svjata Vatra successful band from the first Tallin Music Week, Estonia

Tallinn Music Week 2009

Svjata Vatra (Holy Fire!) are classified as fire-folk and labelled the “Estonian Gogol Bordello” – with Estonian pipes and Ukrainian trombone, you’ll notice yourself dancing to the most outrageou Balkan rhythms!


JESPER BORUP agent Rosa – The Danish Rock Council

I must say that one of the best concerts i saw at the festival Tallinn Music Week was the one on saturday evening at Jazzkaar by Svjata Vatra. Out of the bands i caught Svjata Vatra stood out as a great liveband with a broarder appeal that the genre would normally allow. Svjata had an energetic authentic mix of eastern europe balkan and the baltics folk – any audience is guaranteed a good time and an exceptional musical experience. The way they do their thing relaxed and honest really gets to you. I like the mix of Estonia and Ukraine, and i especially loved the vocals, trombone and acordian. As mentioned above their show is really professional and at the same time honest and relaxed – it is allways nice to see a band that easily breaks the edge of the stage and dosent seem to try TOO hard. It just comes natural to them and thats rare nowadays. As i see it they can play at any european festival with a broad genre-profile.

JAN SNEUM media DR – The Danish Broadcasting Company

I did enjoy the live performance of the Svjata Vatra at the jazz club very very much. Seen / heard from my side I think Svjata Vatra has the same drive, energy and solid roots in both ethnic musik, rock and jazz as fx Mano Negra (Manu Chao)…. Also it’s obvious that your band already is having a great exprience as a live act. So I see a lot of potential in the band – also outside Estonia. You are already doing many things all around Europe, so it seems as if you are on the right track allready.