SUNNY MUSIC / Bohdana Kostiuk, Journalist, Kyiv/Ukraine.

Trust me – it is hard to describe music. It is real pleasure to listen it, and to feel sun rise or lights of night sky at the process of listening. It is real pleasure to understand that music has no borders not distances, it really unites nations and countries. Like the music, proposed to listeners by the “Svjata Vatra” Group.

I remember my emotions during the concerts by “Haydamaky” Group with its very dynamic compositions and songs, with its soul of Ukraine, became the part of European soul now. I remember my interviews with the “Haydamaky” musicians and my interview with Ruslan Trochynskyi, became the “Svjata Vatra” “farther” and the “cultural ambassador” of Ukraine to Estonia.

I hope, Ruslan and his friends are to continue their musical energetic show, which is needed by listeners not only in Estonia or Ukraine but in many corners of the world. Because the music, proposed by them – is world music, based on deep light memories of generations, built into modern compositions.