“Positivus” Music Festival

Pine woods, sandy beach, Baltic Sea, good company, excellent music, lots of beer and nights under the stars – where could it be better in the middle of July if not in “PositivusFestival in Salacgrivas.

The second “Positivus” overall was attended by 18.000 people where 50 various musicians and dancers were performing in five stages during this two days lasting venue. In 2009 “Positivus” performed with much more international musicians and dancers, like world famous artists Moby, Brainstorm, Sinead O’Connor, Peter Doherty and Ebony Bones. In May 2010 organizers announced the main artists of this year: world famous British group Muse, various and unique Scissor Sisters, romantic Spanish musician Giulia Y Los Tellarini, performances of Icelandic artist Kira Kira, Lithuanian group Happyendless and Estonian groups Svjata Vatra and Papidiot.