Folk World – Svjata Vatra “Zillja zelenen’ke” CD/DVD review by Eelco Schilder 2010

Svjata Vatra “Zillja zelenen’ke”
Own label, 2010

The third release by the Estonian-Ukrainian band Svjata Vatra is a double release with an audio CD and a Live DVD. After their surprising debut album and strong second CD, Svjata Vatra develops more and more into a professional band with an international sound. Their music is a more and more balanced mix between ethnic, brass and rock. The musicians get their inspiration from their home country and beyond. Influences from the Balkan are often heard. A song often ends or starts with an up-tempo danceable melody and the total atmosphere is much lighter than on their first album. Svjata Vatra is now an uncomplicated festival-proof band for international stages. The DVD gives you an idea of what you might expect when you get this band to your country and I do think it’s about time we see them on some Western-European festivals this summer.

© Eelco Schilder