Svjata Vatra – How to grow freedom

SVJATA VATRA unique CD cover of CD Vabadus Svoboda Freedom - How to grow freedom! Idea: Terje Trochynskyi & Ruslan Trochynskyi Director: Erik Norkroos Music: Svjata Vatra - Letila Zozulia…

Svjata Vatra at Budapest Ritmo 2016 review by Tamas Galgoczi

As to the first performer on the second day of Budapest Ritmo, it had fallen upon the Estonian-Ukrainian band Svjata Vatra to properly warm up the audience, and prepare them for taking in the fantastic world music medley that followed. In my opinion, they managed to complete this task with success, as their folk-rock music (topped by fantastic visuals and high energy) took the audience by storm. (veel …)

Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“

Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“ Svjata Vatra together with Defence Forces Orchestra. Fire does not Burn Toughned People - Вогонь запеклих не пече - Tuli karastatuid ei põleta. VICTORY…

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