The Ukrainian-Estonian Svjata Vatra (“Holy Fire”) band plays folk music based on traditional songs, nostalgic children’s games and Baltic melodies, with a fresh punk attitude.



Ruslan Trochynskyi – Vocal, trombone, scythe.

Juhan Suits ( Juss ) – Estonian bagpipes, wooden horn, whistle, vocal,  jew’s harp.

Peeter Priks – Acoustic guitar

Karl-Heinrich Arro – Drums, Percussion.

Alo  Jaanivald – Sound engineering.

Kevin Kangur
 –  Sound engineering.

Terje Trochynskyi – Manager.

Svjata vatra Presents
documentary film "Püha Tuli"

In October  2010 Svjata Vatra finished a two year project:  a documentary film „Püha tuli“ („holy fire“ in Estonian), directed by Erik Norkroos.

It is the story of Ruslan Trochynskyi, an Ukrainian folk-rock musician, about his chance settling in Estonia, the forming of a band with four Estonian musicians and about the meaning and impact of this band on both Estonian and Ukranian folkmusic – in short: about integration in life as well as in art.

Most of the footage has been filmed in the summer of 2009 on the band’s folk-expedition to Romania and the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. In addition the film features a selection of the band’s live perfomances from several Estonian music festivals.

The musical documentary film (52 min) was presented in 5 Estonian city, in Finland, Helsinki. In March 2011 “Püha tuli” was presented at Worldfilm Festival in Tartu and Estonian National TV Chanel, in July in Poland, Festival Globaltica and Kiev, Ukraine.

The film was co-produced by Crossroad of Cultures, FilmPlussNull and University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. The making of the documentary has been supported by Estonian Cultural Capital.

Trailer about film: